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According to Google India, there were 35 million online shoppers in India in 2014 Q1 and was 100 million in 2016 and it may be expected to more to the end of 2017. India’s biggest online shopping companies like Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon has already crossed billions of dollar valuation due to internet and technology outbreaks in India. Indian households are looking for the better and faster ways to get everything to their home. This is happening because these internet players are making everything available online form baby care products to home decor.

If someone is looking for starting their new business which involves selling of physical products then Earn Something is providing you small business ideas like this and Online business methods. If you running a Shop or Store business then you can earn millions by just following Our website.

How does Online Shopping Sites Works

Most people these days are using Shopping sites to buy their products Online but question is where these products came form ?. Does Its possible for these companies to buy and sell products form dealer or wholesaler when customer orders any product ?The answer is capital NO. lets see how it works.

Product Listing

Millions of business like Shopkeepers, Store business and wholesalers register themselves to Online Shopping Sites like Amazon and Flipkart. These Shop players List their products to make them available in Shopping Sites. This is How millions of categories of Products are available in these Online Stores.

Receive orders from customers

Cores of customers and can view them through website and mobile apps and Purchase products. These Purchase orders can be seen form the sellers dashboard.

Delivery of Orders

Agents or executives form these shopping sites take products from your business place t doorstep of a customers and also take payments on behalf of you. In these process the shipping charges and price of service depends on the location of delivery.

Payment on product Sold

Once the Payment is receiver form customers these sites will make payments within 7 business days after deducting theirs services charges. The service charges are referral fee and delivery charges and commission for these products.

Benefits of Selling Products Online

How can we differentiate the Online selling vs Locally sell your products, If Online sites are successful all over the world means their are some reasons for that.

Customers Base all across the World

The Online shopping sites have Large Customer Base allover the world. In India Flipkart have 10 crore estimated customers base. The local business or store can make these much customer base. To grow your business all over the world its important to take your business to Online platform.

Fast and Stress free Shipping

They will take care of your products shipping and delivery. You have to sit back and focus on your important business works.

No fixed Cost pay when You sale

You don’t have to pay any charges or fixed cost, they will deduct charges only after you make sell and also ensure that you get timely payments.

Professional Help

They will provide professional services to help you every step up to the final sell.

Before You Start Selling Online

Selling products online in India or any country in the world  involves various costs. Its important to first find out if you can make good profits after considering all those costs. Lets look at some of the important points before start selling on online shopping sites.

  • Before start selling products online calculate the cost involved like Shipping Cost, Packaging Cost, Commission Rate, Storage Cost and Marketing Cost.
  • Calculate the profitability by deducting the total cost explained above for Selling price, if its positive you are in profitable side. If you get result negative don’t sell that products online or find alternative Online selling methods.
  • In you are in profitable side start creating digital catalogs for your products.This is a list and should contain Product Code (or SKU), Product Name, Description, Category, Selling Price, Discount (If any), Brand, Co lour and other applicable attributes.
  • Once this is done, take 3-4 good quality photographs of the product from different angles, preferably in white background.
  • Setup end process which involves creating simple checklist for doing quality checks, packaging, invoicing, etc.
  • its important to have online presence in the form of company website, social media account or any other channel.

Remember, your first few sales shouldn’t be about just making profits. They should be about finding your product/market fit, understand the demand. During initial days, your focus should be to refine your advertising, shipping, fulfillment and customer service and shopping experience. Click here to learn about Selling Products Online On Amazon India.


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