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How to start Jute bags manufacturing and earn 3 lakhs per Month.

The Jute Bags manufacturing business is the best business model for entrepreneurs who are looking for new business opportunities at Low cost? As you know Jute is a long, soft, shiny vegetable fiber. Currently, it is one of the strongest all-natural fibers available throughout the globe. Jute fiber is reusable and biodegradable. Starting a jute bag-making business is a great decision to start and profitable because the uses of jute bags have excessively increased over the last year.  

After the government has induced a law not to use plastic bags, the popularity of using jute bags has increased. Many shops, retail shops, malls, and vendors, Kirana stores, are keeping the jute bags to deliver the materials to their customers. 

Because of its reusability and the biodegradable nature, governments allow the jute manufacturing unit to make it and sell it, so you can easily get the license of this Business model. 

1. Scope of Jute bags in India

As jute bags manufacturing is a fruitful business and demand is growing fast. Look, how the jute backpack business works in the eCommerce or the mall as well as the local market. In essence, the packaging is done globally for the materials and people Living in the Digital world ordering online foods and daily needs. Here is the list of other aspects where you could make your jute bag design. 

  • Students use jute bags to carry books to school or college
  • Women use jute bags as stylish handbags nowadays
  • Many professionals used to carry lunch to work
  • People are using this for travel and transport purposes
  • Some are using it as gift bags while others are using it for shopping purpose
  • It is used for transferring product from one place to another
  • Even for promotional purposes as well

See how beautiful this business model is. Somehow it is connected with the Lots of opportunities and on the other way, it is bringing happy money.

Here you can see the beautiful jute bags-Price and other details may vary based on size and color.

2. Jute bags Business plan 

jute bags business plan

you need to make a jute bags business plan before thinking about how you will start jute manufacturing, so we are here to give you the solution.  

And yes!.. the Important thing is…

You’ll need to plan out where your target audience is, search them according to the demographic, where a lot of consumers are, what’s the financial analysis, Set out the planned budget and the marketing plan before going ahead. And according to that, you need to serve the right product to the right audience and at the right place. Your business will drastically increase in as little as 1 year. 

For best business planning- You need to ask the following questions and Look after the solutions. 

What do I want to get from this Business?

What will my business look like?

What are my business purpose and capabilities?

you’ll find all the answers in this bogs. read till the end.

3. Register the Jute bags manufacturing 

Before you’ll start the jute business, you should register the company within the government law. It all depends on the investment and the size of your company. As a startup, you can register your company as a Proprietorship farm or if you’ve good investment, you can go through PVT. ltd or LLP Limited.

Generally, this type of business doesn’t demand any specific licenses from the Government. you can start without registration. However, check the local Federal laws before starting the business. Also, you will need to check the upcoming tax liabilities too.   

4. Jute bags manufacturing project report

Usually, the Detailed Project Report (DPR) is needed when you apply for a bank loan or Government scheme. Project Report Bank aims to create the reports accurately from the start and make sure that businessmen get the right value and results from the reports.

In the project report format, you should cover technology details, its diagrams, flow chart, etc. Also, prepare in-depth financial calculations including CMA which is necessary for the Investor or the bank.

Gunny Bag Manufacturing Detailed Project Report is a complete package that contains everything that requires getting funds up to 25 Crores (Twenty Five Crores) or more. If you are starting out with low investment, you can also apply for a lesser amount of loan.

5. Jute bags manufacturing cost in India

Generally, this business requires procuring machinery, Raw materials, land, Manpower, and additional marketing cost. 

If you are starting a small-scale unit, then it is better to start with your own fund. Otherwise, you can apply for a bank loan or venture capital investment.  

Now the question is…where you’ll get the Loan? 

6. Jute bags manufacturing process

You might wonder how you’ll need to procure the woven jute fabric from the wholesale market or manufacturers. Spread them on the printing table and fix the requisite auxiliaries/ingredients.

Then you will need to print it by screen printing according to the design and color. After that, wash the printed fabric and dry it under sunlight or through the dryer.

Then cut the printed fabric as per the required design and sizes of the bag. Stitch the cut pieces with a lockstitch machine. Then, you will need to attach the PVC buckle or bamboo stick, etc. manually. Now the bags are ready for the market. 

A lot of workers are taking part in every action of the jute-making business. 

7. Jute bags manufacturing training

If you’re an entrepreneur and don’t know how to start the jute manufacturing business, these institutes offer training. At the same time, they also provide technical demonstrations and arrange for Buyer-Seller Meet. 

  • National Centre for Jute Diversification (NCJD) 
  • Jute Manufacturers Development Council (JMDC) 

They will give you training on jute bag making, basic training programs, Advance Training program, Advance Training cum Design Dissemination Programmed are the courses they offer. You’ll also get marketing assistance so you can sell off your jute items in both domestic as well as international markets through various government-aided fairs, exhibitions, and establishments.

8. Promote your Jute Bag Manufacturing Business

manufacturer of jute

Every product on the planet needs promotion. And your jute bags are also similar. If you really want to see the business succeed, you can get retail distribution and it is the most proven way of establishing any product in the market.  As the promotion part is very easy if you systematically layout the best plan. 

  • However, you must consider institutional sales also. In this internet age, even you have the option to online as well as offline business. 
  • You can do offline sales through the retails and approaching the giant corporation.
  • You can do online sales through the Website and the social media channel after growing the followers promoting your jute bags widely. 
  • And if you want to do it properly, make a website for your own process, build a personal brand for yourself. You can even promote your business even through social media otherwise it would be lost in the ocean of this photo delivery. 

9. Jute Bag Making Machinery

Generally, the jute bag-making business doesn’t demand any heavy machinery. You have to procure these simple machinery

  • You‘ll need a wooden printing Table, wooden working table, Rubber wiper, water drum, Electric Fittings, Scissors, manufacturing tapes, and other equipment. 

And you’ll need some machines such as. 

  • And a lockstitch machine
  • Lamination machine
  • Cutting machine
  • Screen printing machine
  • Sewing machine

If you want to Look and purchase the tools needed to start the Jute Business at a discounted Price-CLICK HERE!

Looking for the jute bag machinery?-Click here! 

10. Jute bags manufacturing unit and investment 

Let’s say, you’re doing the business and see how you can make a profit.

  1. And The dimension of a roll is 200×1.2 meter From one roll 450 bags of 19” x 15” size can be
  2. You can start this business with as low as 5 workers. Below are the details for 5 workers
  3. If your monthly production = 20000 Bags.
  4. Jute Rolls required monthly = 50 Rolls.
  5. The rate of Rolls per meter is going to be around Rs 50Total cost = 50 rolls x 200-meter x 25 = 250,000 monthly for jute fabric only
  6. Fabric cutting machine – price is around Rs 20,000
  7. Heavy-duty sewing machine – price is around Rs 40,000
  8. Ordinary sewing machine – price is around Rs 20,000
  9. Stencil equipment for printing coloring paint Rs 15, 000
  10. A utility like will require Electricity: The power requirement is 2 HP.
  11. Total Cost=3,45,000

You can set up this business even with the low cost and start selling in the different areas. in a year you’ll see how the profits skyrocket.   

11. Business Opportunity of jute bags manufacturing 

In order to have a successful business, it is very important to choose the right market segment. You need to understand the major requirements of jute bags. Possessing extensive knowledge about it will help you flourish your business. You can conduct a survey or a review online. 

  • Nowadays shopping bags, ladies’ vanity bags, purses, and college bags are being made from jute. 
  • The female population is more into shopping so you could make the most design of jute bags keeping in mind the fashion of ladies first. 
  • Apart from continuing your own business of jute handbags and purses, you can tie-up with some small-scale shops if you want and supply your jute bags to them as carrying bags.
  • Even many food packaging items delivered online are made from jute bags. So you could contact such a restaurant. 

12. Profit Margin in Jute Bags Making Business

You can make a Very good profit margin there in this business. 

The market price of a 15kg capacity shopping/grocery jute bag = Rs 50 

and, the cost of manufacturing approximately without printing= Rs 20 to 25 

The designer jute bags are much more expensive. If the customer’s demand increases with the design of jute bags, you can make them in bulk and earn more with the supply of more bags. if you sell these jute bags to different segments of the market, you can generate revenue up to 1 crore a month. 

Read And learn

You need to learn before Earn. Here is the collection of books that you can read and know how to start jute bags manufacturing and earn up to 10 Lakhs in a year.

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Jute bags are a wonderful alternative to plastic. Because most people don’t know about this business which is why it is a great business venture to start with and also have a wide market. we hope you know about the jute manufacturing business and you’ll be able to establish it and make a huge profit. if you want to know the other low investment business…click the link below.

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