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Start aloe vera farming Business and Generate Income Up To 4 Lakh Per Month

Aloe vera is a semi succulent plant and it can be cultivated in drought areas as well because it Peniel tropical plant. Aloe vera became popular plant in the world due to its medical values. Each part of this plant has different medical implication.

Africa, China, USA, Australia, Mexico, Coastal Areas Of South India are the major producer of Aloe Vera In this World. The Plant is being used extensively in Cosmetic Industries, Processing Plants and Consumer Product segment. Hence, there is really more reasons to staring an Aloe Vera farm.

To Grow Aloe Vera is not that difficult. It is less sensitive to climate and less hard on maintaining at their best condition. Basically Aloe Vera is warm tropical crop and can grow in various climate condition. low rainfall regions and dry areas with warm and humid conditions are suitable for this plant. This plant cannot tolerate frost and cool climate condition.

Aloe Vera can be cultivated from wide variety of soils form sandy to loamy soils. It thrives best in light soils but sensitive to water stagnation, so make sure to select the well drained soils for its cultivation. The plant can tolerate soil PH up to 8.5 and also the soil with salty in nature. To learn about plantation method click Here to read Agriculture guide.

Improved Varieties of Aloevera In India

The Hybrid varieties of Aloe Vera plant Like Aloe barbadensis perfoliata, IC-111269, IC-111271, IC-111280 and AL-1 cultivation is possible throughout the country.

Aloevera Farming Business Guide

The Aloevera plants have excellent demand in Pharma and herbal sector companies as well as in international market due to its medical values and aroma. You can make business with Aloe Vera plants in two ways. The first one is to Supply Aloe Vera leaves to market or directly to these companies. The second one is Setup Processing Plants and Sell alovevera Juice.

Sell Aloevera Leaves

On Average 40- 45 tonnes of thick leaves can be obtained form 1 hectare of Land. The Price per tonne for of Aloevera leaves in wholesale market is 20000- 25000 thousand India rupees. You will earn 8-10 lac rupees by selling them to wholesale market. After third year the Aloe Vera plant can produce thick leaves up to 60 tonnes per hectare and you can earn more from 3rd to 4th year.

Aloevera Processing unit:

Another best option is to sell Processed aloevera juice to Herbal Companies and consumer Product manufacturers. The cost for Aloe Vera Processing machine is around 7-8 lakhs rupees. The cost for producing 1 ltr of juice is around 40 Rs/ltr . If you are selling them directly to the market or to any company without using any Brand name, the Market Price price will be 150 rs/ ltr. You can produce 22000- 25000 Rs of Aloevera juice per day and generate Profit around 20 lac rupees. You can increase your earnings by purchasing aloe Vera leaves from local farmers, making more juice in your processing plant and earn around 50 lac to 1 crore per year.

Loan and Subsidies:

Aloevera Juice making plants small business and comes under ” Micro Small and medium scale Enterprises ( MSME ) “. The Indian government provides loans up to 90% for Aloe Vera Business, which is interest free for three years. The Khadi Gramodyog also provides 25% subsidy on that loan amount.
In the Conclusion If you do aloevera farming then you can earn Rs 8 – 10 lakhs in a year and if you start processing plants you can earn 50 lakhs to 1 crore rupees annually.
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  1. 1 Does the govt provide loans even for purchase of land for Aloe Vera farming?
    2. Do companies like Patanjali Himalaya give opportunity to new sellers as they must be already having their own suppliers?
    3. Can someone help ne with a detailed description for this business? I intend to start in Kerala

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